Monday, April 5, 2010

Up and down Twin peaks

Since I now work essentially from the San Francisco office (yeah \o/) I have a lot of spare time I did not use to have. After work, I decided to go for a small ride on Twin Peaks. If you want a short city challenge, go up 17th from market. Your legs will love it.

So, I parked on Beaver st (which will become an important street for us if everything goes well) and I went up and down twin peaks for the east side to the west side, I think 4 times. Beautiful view as usual:
  • Distance: 12.3 mi
  • Moving Time: 00:55:21
  • Resting Time: 00:05:20
  • Total Elevation Gain: 2,030ft
A nice sunset on the twin peaks antenna. Of course almost no cellphone reception. AT&T is first on my list of company I admire the less (weather forecast guys are second as you know)

And last night's food :)
Goat cheese tartines, green salad and tuna gratin. Yummy!

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