Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday ride around San Francisco
Distance: 21.6 mi
Moving Time: 01:25:31
Resting Time: 00:15:20
Total Elevation Gain: 1,989 ft

It is so great to work in San Francisco. I feel like I have two days within a single one. To celebrate the beginning of the week end, I decided to go for a ride around our great city.

Starting with the usual Twin Peaks. I confirm, 17th st is a really hard (but short) climb. The view is beautiful as always.

Next step is ocean beach after crossing the Golden Gate park.
The view from the Lincoln Park.

And then, me, kind of lost in this small park. I ended up off trail with my road bike.

The view from the Palace of the Legion of Honnor. This place almost makes me want to play golf...And finally, a quick picture of this amazing neighborhood on the sea cliff. Houses must each be worth tens of millions of dollars ... but it is stealing, it's foggy there :)

Enjoy your week end. On our side, it is time to pack since we are moving out next week (moving in date is not clear yet).

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