Monday, December 21, 2009

I am in!

December 10th, 8am. I am in the Caltrain on my way to work when a friend of mine tells me about this event. I have no clue what this is. All I knew was that it was somewhere mountains and it was quite challenging. "It opens for registration at 9:30am and it is going to be sold out very quickly" he tells me.
"Great" I think "I will look it up and register once I know what this is about".

9am. I am about to check the route online and my manager enters my office. We talk and talk and talk for an hour. When he finally leaves, I remember my friend's words "It is going to be sold out very quickly". It is already 10am and I still have no idea what this race is really about. "What the heck" I think, "I will figure that out soon enough". Name, age, address, credit card number of course... A few minutes later, the final sentence arrives: you got a new email.

Hello Death Rider! Thank you for your registration for the 2010 Tour of the California Alps Death Ride.

It may be time for me to check out the website and see what this is. That's when I realize what I had got into.

Ok, that's what this is all about: 129miles and 15,000ft elevation. And then I remember a phrase my friend told me: "I did not make it to the end last time. I had to give up". That should have ring a bell I guess...

Anyhow, here I am, and here is my journey through my training to reach this goal. I will make it.

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