Friday, March 5, 2010

The training continues

Last week, we were on vacation in Honduras/Roatan. The idea was to go kitesurfing, but we ended up scubadiving. The Roatan Island is _not_ a kiteboarding place. Unaccessible beaches and most importantly unreliable and most of the time absent wind... Anyway, we are now back from vacation.

Before we left I biked to work from SF one more time. While we were riding on the bayshort in Palo Alto, we saw an electrical poll cut in half and firemen everywhere. We quickly learned that a small planed had crashed an hour earlier and created a 12h power outage in Palo Alto. No traffic light, traffic jam everywhere and... no power in our building, so we got a free day off.

This week, I must have biked a little over 200km. Two rides from SF to Palo Alto (2 x 70km), one indoor ride (my ghost beat me with 30s. I am still not over it) (~20km), and Palo Alto to San Mateo (35km). In addition to that, some leg strengthening. I can start feeling that I am progressing. 120 more days to go! Tomorrow, Das Butt class.

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