Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bike to work: San Francisco to Palo Alto

Yesterday morning, I decided to bike to work the entire way: 70km (44 miles).

Here is the strava link with the map

This is a nice ride, absolutely flat, so it is pretty easy. I think I could do it everyday if I had the motivation to wake up at 5 every morning... I had the chance to see the sunrise over the bay. What a beautiful start for the day. I am thinking about doing it twice a week.

Once arrived in Palo Alto, I looked at the highway and thought: "I am happy not to be in one of these cars". I have not taken my car to work in 2010! Only bike and train :)

Countdown is on for the vacation. 8 days before we fly off to Honduras for a week of kitesurf :)

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